Its all about ‘C’ language

WAP to input rollno, name and gender of a student and show it.



int main()


int rollno;

char gender;

char name[21];

printf(“Enter rollno : “); scanf(“%d”,&rollno);

printf(“Enter Name : “);fflush(stdin);scanf(“%[^\n]”,&name);

printf(“Enter Gender [M/F] ? “);fflush(stdin);scanf(“%c”,&gender);

printf(“roll no is %d, Name is %s and Gender is %c”,rollno,name,gender);



Happy New Year

Hey,  Friends first of all Happy New Year to all of you.
New Year is a very good time to forget all your past and start with a new beganing and taking Resolutions. No matter what the previous year holds for you, every one want to move on with happiness on their faces. The day of New Year has marked as the beginning of calendar year. The day of New Year has been marked very firstly in the calendars of “Gregorian” calendars and then it is used world-wide with the date that comes up as the 1 January. This day is the most energetic day which is celebrated with joy, happiness, prayers and parties all around the world.

Time to celebrate New Year around the World then you must see the lightnings and party organized in every country.

Every country in the world have its own way of celebrating this day some have disco parties and some have street parties. Every one enjoys being part of this day and celebrates it with lots of joy and happiness and how can we forget the delicious meal.

The day of happy New Year is really happy and the day which is used is incremented. There are many events which are celebrated on this day and today it is on such a large-scale that it can be viewed world-wide. On the final day of year that is 31st December night every one plans a party and night outs to make the last day of eve memorable. There are many hotels and cruises which organize all night parties for the folks to enjoy.

Every new year have its own amazing powers but the New Year 2012 will the most exciting to watch on. The year of 2012 is not predicted yet because according to science this year wont exists more so may be people are scared rather than being happy. There are few opposite to this situation as many people in year 2012 have special for themselves and they believe they will make it more memorable as the previous year and will start new plans and ventures for themselves.

Wishes are the most believable part in human nature. Wishing any one new year brings a smile on their faces as it is a blessing. The New Year wishes can be in any form that is it can be verbal or it can be written. There are many beautiful cards that are available in the market to wish or greet your loved ones.

Best bass songs for your car

Guys here are the best ever hollywood songs to play in your car..

Enjoy these..

1. Give me every thing tonight – pitbull

2. Rain over me – pitbull

3. party on the floor – Dj Eworm

4. Im in Miami bitch – LMFAO

5. lollipop(feat static major)

6. I gotta felling – BLack eyed peas

7. Hotel room service – Pitbull

8. Where THem girls at – David Guetta

9. bass mix – Mugawanty

10. All I ever wanted – Bass hunter


These are the best song in my playlist..

Hope you will enjoy these songs..  🙂

Merry Christmas

Christmas – celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas or Christmas Day is an auspicious religious festival for Christians. It is being celebrated every year on the specified date December 25 with great fervor to commemorate the birth and life of Lord Jesus Christ. Christians on this occasion gather at the churches in the morning for the ‘church service’, popularly known as mass, for Christ. Christmas, nominally a holiday is observed in various innovative ways apart from following traditional practices that includes: preparation of dishes, exchanging gifts, offering prayers and enjoying meal with family members. Following the centuries old customs and beliefs, Christians will observe Christmas 2011 on Sunday in the month of December. 

For pilgrims and ardent followers of Jesus, Christmas is a season for pilgrimage. To make long and tiresome journeys to shrines or the sacred city Bethlehem, located in Palestine, Jerusalem that is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus according to the New Testament Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

Merriment of Christmas has a long history and believed to bring goodwill. For many people, this festival is truly a magical season as they can stay at their houses and spend some good moments with their friends and family members. Christmas is a very special occasion for children because they fantasize Santa Claus traveling a long journey carrying fancy gifts for them.

The festivity of Christmas usually continues nearly for a month. But preparation gears up a few weeks ahead of Christmas. Houses, churches and offices are fascinatingly embellished with colourful lights to mark the religious festival in a grand way. Delicious cuisines and traditional dishes such as turkey, fruit cake, roasted potatoes, fudges and more are an integral part of this celebration.

Christmas is celebrated across the world following customs that varies from one to another country. But certain customs prevails irrespective of geographical boundary that includes sending warm Christmas greetings, fancy Christmas gifts and Christmas cards; to hold nativity plays, beautify Christmas tree and visit church to sing Christmas songs praising or reliving baby Jesus and Holy Mother Mary.

The excitement of the festival is also expressed and shared with lovely and snappy Christmas SMS or messages. Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas quotes available in varied languages are also popular as successful medium to share the spirit of joy and peace of the occasion.

Christmas tree, known as Yule tree, has a distinctive significance in this festival. The Christmas tree is adorned with beautifully wrapped gifts, ribbons and attractive items to make the occasion more pleasant. But with the growing awareness to protect trees and go eco-friendly, people now opting for artificial Yule tree at their houses to observe Christmas.

Christmas is the best time for a vacation. As New Year follows the festivity, people plan for long rejuvenating vacation making the occasion a memorable one.