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About Google AdSense

English: Google AdSense Español: Google AdSenseEarn money with adsense

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Many new bloggers starts with Google AdSense , but very few manage to make
substantial money with it. The reason is simple: CPC
ads do not work on every website.
There are two main basic requirements if you
want to make good money with Google  AdSense:
1. Your blog needs to have high traffic (e.g.,
1,000 daily unique visits or more)
2. A good percentage of that traffic must come
from search engines (e.g., 70% or more).
Getting traffic from search engines is essential
because those visitors are the ones who most often
click on ads.
If you meet these two requirements, it will be just a
matter of choosing the right AdSense units and
positioning them effectively.
According to Google itself the most profitable ad
units are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250
rectangle and the 160×600 large skyscraper.
As for positioning, you must be willing to hurt the
user experience a bit if you want to have a good
CTR (click-through rate). This is so because ads
blended with the content perform much better than
ads isolated in the sidebar.
The best combination is usually the 336×280 unit on
top of your posts, right below the headline.
If you want something less intrusive, try placing it
between the post and the comment section, or try
using a 160×600 unit on the sidebar.